• Plant Your Roots In The Holy Land - click to plant trees quote: leviticus 19,23

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my tree be planted in the Holy Land?
Your trees will be planted in the Canadian Christian Forest at Beit Keshet. This picturesque forest is located in the central Galilee region between Nazareth and Tiberias near Mount Tabor.

Can I visit my tree in the Holy Land?
Due to the sheer numbers of trees planted each year, it is impossible to mark each tree with a donor sign. While visiting Israel, you can visit the numerous forests planted through contributions from around the world.

If you are on a pilgrimage or other visit to Israel, we can arrange for you to participate in a tree planting ceremony at one of our tree planting centers.

To mark this symbolic act you will receive a special tree planting certificate.

What types of trees are planted?
The type of tree planted is as varied as the different climates in the Holy Land.  The trees planted are matched with the region integrating the traditional trees found in the Bible – carob, fig, acacia, fir, olive, palm, etc. with specialized imports and hybrids as needed.

Why does a tree cost $18?
The number 18 is highly symbolic. In Hebrew, the related word “chaya” means living thing, such as a tree or an animal and is derived from the Hebrew word chai, meaning life.

Jews often give gifts and donations in multiples of 18, which is called “giving chai.” Mailings from Jewish charities usually suggest donations in multiples of chai ($18, $36, $90, $180 etc.) rather than the usual multiples of 25 or 100.

When you give $18 you are actually giving life to the Holy Land – Israel.

What is the connection between Holy Land Restorers and the Jewish National Fund?
Holy Land Restorers is an outreach program of the Jewish National Fund of Canada.

The Jewish National Fund will be planting your trees in the Holy Land. Over the last 110 years, the JNF has planted over 250 million trees in the land of Israel.

When I plant trees, where does my donation go?
All donations are paid directly to Jewish National Fund of Canada who, in turn send it to Israel to plant trees.

Is my donation Tax Deductible?
Yes, all contributions to Jewish National Fund of Canada receive an itemized cumulative tax deductible receipt at year end.